School for Life Ghana, has by far published two newsletters, several yearly reports and an Impact Assessment report of School for Life. The second issued newletter which was published in november 2013, contains very important articles from our field supervisors and coordinators on the impact of school for life on many people in the local communities. Importantly, the newsletter contains articles on major projects such as the imminent nationwide rollout of the Ghana complementary basic education (GCBE) programme by government of Ghana, the Tzedek Education Quality Initiative Project (EQUIP) and many other stories and articles on the experiences and testimonies of School for Life learners, Ex-SfLers, Facilitators, Field Supervisors and Coordinators. It is important to note that the november 2013 issue newsletter contains articles in three local Ghanaian languages (Dagbanli, Ngbanyato and Likpakpaln). These newsletters are available for download on the School for Life Ghana newsletters portal.
The impact assessment report was a product of joint efforts between the School for Life staff and external consultants. The impact assessment was conducted over a one year period in order to review SfL's impact over the last twelve years. The product of these extensive efforts revealed very informative pieces. This and other yearly reports are available for download here:
As part of School for Life efforts towards keeping partners and other stakeholders informed of current programme schedules and important happenings within our programme. We have set up a School for Life Ghana facebook page and the School for Life newsblog. These pages are frequently updated with the latest information on School for Life. Click here, or on the news tab to get to our neswblog.



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