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School for Life is the lead organisation the Complementary Basic Education (CBE) Alliance, a nationwide association of seventy five organisations and individuals founded in November 2010 and aimed at advocating for and partnering with the Government of Ghana (GoG) to Complementary Basic Education Policy.  This policy would see the commitment of resources to support the nationwide implementation of CBE models including School for Life CBE Programme and the IBIS led Wing Schoolmodels.

Identity Statement

The Complementary Basic Education (CBE) Alliance is concerned with ensuring that all out of school children are enrolled in school and enjoy their right to quality basic education.


A literate society where all school age children enjoy their right to quality basic education, and ultimately contribute to the betterment of Ghana.


We are the mouthpiece of out of school children whose right to quality basic education is under threat; working in collaboration with like-minded agencies-state and non-state- we exist to ensure the full implementation of the CBE policy, ensuring that all school age children, irrespective of their geographical location or social circumstance, enjoy their right to quality basic education.


The CBE Alliance meets monthly to coordinate advocacy and capacity building across the network.  Organisations seeking to join the CBE Alliance should download and complete the registration form below and forward it to Lawrencia Dakurah-Abakisi at 

 Core Members of the CBE Alliance include:

The CBE Alliance media partner is Rural Media Network (RUMNET).

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