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To acknowledge the contribution of Facilitators to the successful running of Complementary Basic Education (CBE) in the Savelugu Municipality, School for Life organised Facilitators’ appreciation Day. The Facilitators’ Appreciation Day is set-aside in the SfL CBE calendar year to express gratitude to the facilitators whose work is key in the delivery of CBE to out-of-school children. The facilitators are volunteers who provide instruction in the mother tongue to out-of-school children. The facilitators are not paid salaries, but are rather given a token known as “soap money” at the end of the month. In view of the voluntary nature of their service, the Appreciation day is organised to provide a platform for School for Life, UNICEF and the communities to officially express gratitude to the Facilitators in recognition of their voluntary, but key, service in the running of CBE classes.


Complementary Basic Education (CBE) is a nine-months functional literacy model designed and implemented by School for Life to provide literacy education to out-of-school children. After the nine months of instruction, steps are taken to transition the learners (hitherto out-of-school children) into the formal school.

Facilitattors being presented with bicycles and cash rewards in recognition of their service at the Facilitators day in Savelugu

Through funding from UNICEF, School for Life delivers CBE in the Savelugu municipality. As part of activities in the 2013/2014 CBE cycle, the Facilitators Appreciation day was held at Savelugu, where all the Facilitators from the communities converged. The ceremony was attended by officials from the Municipal Education Directorate, Staff from SfL Head Office and some parents of ex-learners. On behalf of UNICEF, parents of learners and communities, School for Life expressed appreciation to the facilitators for their gallant contribution to the education of the CBE learners and successful completion of the 2013/2014 CBE cycle. Cash rewards were presented to facilitators who are no longer in service and bicycle to facilitators who are still delivering instruction to learners in the current cycle, to help them move from home to the CBE classes to do their work. They were also encouraged to continue their good works, so that SfL in partnership with UNICEF can continue to deliver CBE to the many out-of-school children in the Municipality.


School for Life organised 4-day refresher training for Facilitators under the Ghana Complementary Basic Education (CBE) Programme. The training took place in all nine districts in which School for Life implements the Programme. With support from the District Coordinators and Supervisors, Resource persons (mostly form GES) took facilitators through critical concepts and subject areas to enable facilitators complete instruction of classes in the 2014/2015-literacy cycle. The involvement of resource persons from GES in the trainings programmes serves to further strengthen SfL's collaboration and partnership with GES in the delivery of CBE to out-of-school children and lays foundation for onward transition of CBE learners into the formal school.


The Ghana Complementary Basic Education (CBE) Programme is a nation-wide intervention aimed at getting out-of-school children into school. This is achieved by getting the children into a nine-month functional literacy class taught in the children's mother tongue to facilitate quick learning. After the nine months of instruction, which covers first three years of primay education, steps are taken to integrate the learners into the formal school. The Ghana Education Service is involved in the implementation of the Programme right from the start. The Programme adopts the “Functional Literacy model” developed and implemented by School for Life since 1995. Apart from School for Life, 10 other Implementing Partners are implementing the CBE Programme across 45 districts in five regions of Ghana. In the current cycle, CBE is provided for 55,000 out-of-school children and aims at getting them into the formal school by the end of the cycle.


To successfully complete the 2014/2015 cycle of the Programme, SfL organised the refresher course to update the knowledge and skills of facilitators in improved facilitation methods. Among topics discussed with facilitators include: setting the environment for learning, instructional strategies, CBE method of facilitating reading, teaching reading using complementary readers, Handling learners with special needs, Facilitating reading lessons of Primer 2 and Developing communication skills of facilitators. Facilitators demonstrated clear understanding of the concepts discussed in the training. Facilitators will employ acquired skills and knowledge in teaching learners in classes under the Ghana CBE Programme.


The CBE Alliance partners the Upper West Regional Coordinating Council and GES to Organized Upper West Regional Education Forum


With the funding support of School for Life, the Ghana Complementary Basic Education (CBE) Alliance has collaborated with the Regional Coordinating Council and the Regional Education Directorate to organize a Regional Education Forum. The 2-day education forum, dubbed "Enhancing Education Delivery in the Upper West Region-The Way Forward", brought together education actors in the region to chart a common course towards improving the quality of education in the Region.

The Upper West Regional Education forum is the second of its kind organized by the CBE Alliance in collaboration with the Coordinating Council and the Directorate of Education. The first, which was in the Northern Region, was held at Radach Hotel in Tamale. The Northern Region Forum which was organized in April 2014, yielded positive and interesting discussions which culminated in the formation of a Working Group by the Regional Minister. The Working Group is tasked to follow up to the Districts in the region to ensure that they are implementing strategies that were formulated to enhance quality education delivery in the districts.

Seeing the positive outcome of the Northern Region Forum, the CBE Alliance initiated steps towards partnering the Education Directorate and the Coordinating Council to hold the Upper West Forum. Although School for Life, the lead partner oin the CBE Alliance fully funded the Upper West Forum, the organization of the forum was done by Pronet North and Plan Ghana.

It is expected that the discussions, recommendations and strategies made at the forum will be implemented by the Districts to better learning outcomes of pupils in the region.

The CBE Alliance is further putting measures in place to organize a third regional education forum in the Upper East Region. The organization of Education fora in the three Northern Regions comes in the wake of consistent poor performance of pupils in the three regions in the Basic Educatio Certificate Examination. It is hoped that these efforts will go a long way to improve performance of pupils in Northern Ghana.

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