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Improving the quality of education in Ghana is a central component of School for Life's vision.  Whilst SfL's CBE programme aims at getting students into the formal education, improving the quality of education is aimed at keeping children in school longer and improving levels of educational attainment. 

In response to this, School for Life's Learning and Development Centre was established in 2011 to promote quality education through offering expert consultancy & training, and building the capacity of educational institutions, Community Services Organisations and Government in Ghana and internationally. In addition to this, the Learning and Development Centre seeks to create and share innovative ideas, basic tools for evaluation and organizes action research into new ways of improving the education outcomes in Ghana. 

Training and consultancy is available in the following areas:

  • Curriculum Development
  • Development and Use of Teaching and Learning Materials
  • The use of mother tongue as a medium of instruction in schools
  • Gender Sensitive Approaches in the classroom
  • Writing, Translation and transposition of scripts from English into the various Ghanaian Languages
  • Replication of the School for Life CBE Model

As part of the Learning and Development Centre offering, a School for Life Demonstration School has been established in Tolon District to showcase the pedagogical approach promoted by the organisation.

If you are interested in more information about these services, please contact School for Life at sfl@vodafone.com.gh or on +233 372022023




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