School for Life Organisation and Governance Structure

SfL has a 9-member Technical Committee (TC) that provides the necessary policy direction and oversight to the organisation.  There are 12 core staff at the Head Office in Tamale, led the Programme Manager, and supported by three Deputy Managers (in charge of Operations, Finance & Administration and Advocacy & Gender).  Additionally, SfL has 21 field staff in the districts, overseeing the work of voluntary facilitators, and 20 auxiliary staff working in Head Office and the District offices.

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 Organisational Affiliations

School for Life works closely with the Government of Ghana through the Ghana Education Service (GES), the Ministry of Education (MoE) as a partner in assuring quality education for all.  At a District Level, School for Life works with Metropolitan, Municipal, and District Assemblies, as well as traditional authorities and community leaders to ensure programs are run in partnership with communities.

School for Life operates under theGhana Developing Communities Association (GDCA) a mother organization. It works closely with the educational stakeholders like the Northern Network for Educational Development (NNED), a part of the larger national coalition, Ghana National Education Campaign Coalition (GNECC).

In 2010, School for Life formed the Complementary Basic Education (CBE) Alliance to advocate for the government to fast track the rollout of CBE across Ghana.

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